We are a Singapore-based strategic advisory that provides aspiring corporate and political leaders with a comprehensive campaign strategy – including managing media, messaging, image-building and branding – in order to prime candidates for success.

On the commercial and economic front, we connect international corporations, foreign investors and governments with the relevant decision makers and also provide valuable insight on how to enter the domestic market, engage stakeholders and navigate cultural sensitivities.

From research and information gathering, to risk assessment to analysis of trends, we provide clients with a clear direction and plan of action to reach their targets.


We chart out short-term, mid-term and long-term roadmaps for clients to meet strategic objectives within a specific period of time.

Clients who come to us for political consultancy will receive pointers on:

  • How to navigate the political terrain
  • Realities on the ground
  • Damage control strategies

Clients who are interested in investment strategies will receive notes on:

  • Understanding policies and practices
  • Navigating cultural norms and sensitivities
  • Risks, challenges and trends

We have a team of experienced analysts, specialising in specific countries and cross-border issues. Their close connection to the ground as well as solid contacts among key players allows them to make accurate predictions and provide valuable insight into any issue.

Many of our analysts have established close contact with senior government officials, corporate high-fliers, researchers in think tanks and journalists. The information they obtain from such contacts complements the data gleaned from official documents, research papers and articles in top-tier journals.

Our analysts work fast and zoom in on both the macro and micro issues of importance to our clients. Any disagreement with a client’s preferred solution is based on in-depth research. Ultimately, the client’s view prevails, but we pride ourselves on the breadth and depth of the analytical information that we provide for the client to take a decision.


Lobbying for support – among both international and local communities – for our client is one of our key priorities. Besides helping to shape public attitudes and opinions, strategic partners can help raise the credibility of a corporate or political enterprise.

In countries such as Indonesia, democracy has led to the flowering of non-governmental organisations (NGOs). They have carved out a special space for themselves in civil society as amplifiers of public opinion. Indeed, some NGOs compete with traditional representatives, such as political parties, as champions of popular causes. Companies, whether private or government-owned, have to contend with these new sources of power by engaging and co-opting them. Political entrepreneurs certainly do.

Our closeness to the ground helps us identify these partners and stakeholders – in government, business and civil society – whom our clients should know and be known to. This knowledge is important. It could help influence public responses to the environmental impact of setting up an industrial plant. It will also facilitate serious interaction with potential business partners who are rivals at the moment. Whatever the goal, we do not believe in one-off contacts. We work to sustain relationships that will advance our clients’ interests in the long run.

Strategic Communications

In order for our clients to maintain a high profile and positive image, we adopt a targeted and multi-pronged communications strategy.

We help clients, first, to frame powerful messages and, second, to convey them using a variety of traditional print media platforms as well as newer social media networks. These range from pre-written articles placed in reputable newspapers, to Facebook and social media postings targeted at young and impatient audiences.

We specialise in producing speeches to be made at conferences that we organise. This gives the newsmaker the opportunity to directly engage with a peer audience. Planning lies at the heart of successful strategic communications. We help clients plan a coherent communications strategy that will remain credible over a substantial period, not just a business or a political cycle.

Digital & Social Media

Embracing new and digital media is key to the success of any communications strategy. To this end, we maximise all available channels to create awareness and promote the interests of our clients. Some of our strategies include:

  • Conceptualising and building the core foundations of the digital media ecosystem. Strategic content will reside in this ecosystem and be ready for effective dissemination in a top-down process.
  • Concentrating on creating strategic content with the right messaging, based on current and relevant topics. These content will be then be aggregated for dissemination through various channels.
  • Integrating key viral campaigns with social media awareness. To create “viral” campaigns, there is a need for content online to look and feel “disruptive”. Social users of channels such as Facebook and Twitter have seen plenty of marketing ploys and gimmicks and are thus immune to regular campaigns.
Market Access and Commercial Ventures

Our deep access to key partners and extensive network of contacts in strategic places, we are adept at playing the role of bridge builder, linking our clients to principles in government and commercial sectors.

With our intimate knowledge of policies, and the way in which business and commercial transactions are carried out in different countries, we help facilitate deals for our clients.